Restoration of my vintage "la Cimbali" lever espresso machine :



Finally, after two years of waiting and working on this lever espressomachine, it is working now!!!

Cimbali Resistance

In november 2002 I bought this lovely vintage spring operated commercial espressomachine of la Cimbali, Italy. I guess that this little commercial machine was fabricated in the late 70s. The name of it seems to be Eleva.
The owner told me that she got it as a present ten years ago and that it was just sitting in her basement as she could not even pull down the lever of this "monster". So luckily she wanted to get rid of it.
As I was looking for a small commercial manual espressomachine, I decided to bit for it and have a challenging cleaning and restaurating project.
Espressomachines can get really messy when they are not regularly serviced.....
for lots of pictures see these links here:
*Disassembly of the machine  
*Cleaned parts  
*Reassembly of the machine  
  *Working machine