Reassembly of my " la Cimbali " lever espresso machine :

NO spring assembly tool
Spring assembly tool

You don't want to use this setup to strain the spring back into place... if the clamp slips out of place, you might need to see your dentist for new teeth.

This little tool is very simple and cheap to build and prevents stess and injuries. You only have to tighten the 4 screws.

Spring assembly tool
Spring assembly
Clean boiler on frame

The pit in the center prevents the piston from slipping.

On the other side a 10 mm bar (I used a screw) that can freely move keeps the other side of the piston in place.

Frame with the open and cleaned boiler.

Cimbali resistance
Cimbali gasket resistance

The brand new resistance.

The new resistance gasket put into place.

Resistance installed

The brand new resistance installed into the cap of the boiler

The new resistance fully installed seen through the opening for the lever group. The resistance first touched the boiler and had to be bent in order to hang freely in the boiler.

water level glass gasket
Cimbali water pipe gaskets

The old gasket of the water level pipe were completly hardend over the years and obviously had to be replaced by a new elastic one.

The new gaskets just before assembly.

Cimbali water pipe assembly
Cimbali water pipe assembly

The water pipe reintegrated into the cap of the boiler.

The water pipe fully assembled.

Cimbali lever group
Cimbali lever group gasket
Cimbali lever group installed on cap

All cleaned lever group seen from the part that will be inside the boiler.

The new lever group gasket installed and ready for assembly on the boiler cap.

Lever group assembled on boiler cap.

Prestostat support
Installed prestostat support
Prestostat connections

New support made of 1mm stailess steal for the new prestostat.

The new prestostat support installed on the left side of the boiler.

Electrical wires connected to the brand new prestostat.

Installed prestostat

Electrical connections on the main switch. The wires to the left are connected with the prestostat.

The new prestostat assembled to the frame with all the connections made.


Boiler cap
Boiler cap with gasket
Boiler cap assembled

Boiler cap ready for assembly, only the gasket is still missing.

The new boiler gasket leyed into the flute.

The espresso maschine with the boiler closed.

Water tab assembly
Hot Water outlet assembly

The hot water tab assebled to the front panel.

The hot water tab assembly seen from the backside of the espresso machine.


Front panel assembled
Operating test

The hot water and on the left the steam outlet assebled to the front panel. The red side and back panels are still missing, but the hydraulics of this espressomachine is fully we are ready for..............

...........the first hydrostatic test.
And after retightening some connections, the machine has no leaks!

It is still a machine test and not yet a celebreation of tasty espresso coffee, so don't analyse the color of crema.....