Many parts of my " la Cimbali " lever espresso machine now all cleaned :


the steel frame had to be repainted with zinc in order to protect it against any further corrosion

pressure gauge taken apart


backside of the gauge cleaned and polished

front of the gauge with the correct reading now

Cimbali pressure relief valve  

overpressure relief valve before...

...and after cleaning

.....and fully replaced by a modern type for security reasons!


the cover of the boiler before...

... and with all the rest of the gaskets removed


the connection to the water level indicator before...

... and with all the rest of the gaskets removed


Seen from the outside, the group didn't look too terrible...

... but seeing this, you know why it is worth it opening up every possible thing


The piston did not promise deleightful espresso...

It was also impossible to turn the bearings.


The degreasing solution had a hard night...

...and another day of work to make the bearings roll smooth and easy


The piston after extensive cleaning with detergent and small stainless steel brushes.

The piston with new gaskets and new springs ( the old sprigs lost about 1cm in length about all those years).


The upper part of the group cleaned with the bearings reassebled.


Cimbali panels

The outside panels of the machine had to be repainted to fight corrosion. Also the colors had faded over the years. The prime coat was painted in white, several coats of red followed.

The repainted panels reassembled. All screws were replaced by stainless steel types.